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Review: Lush Oatifix Fresh Face Mask

Hey Beauties
Today I've my very first review for you guys and it's going to be about the Oatifix Mask from Lush!
I really like it and I'm definitely going to buy it again when it's empty. So now, let me tell you why I einjoy this mask so much:

What Lush says about it:
'Oatifix - Fresh Face Mask:
Cleanse, soften and moisturise dry, sensitive skin. 
A blend of bananas, vanilla and oats to cool and nourish, illipe butter to reduce redness, ground almonds to gently polish and kaolin to cleanse your skin.'

Whenever I read 'oats' on any kind of skincare product I need to try it AT ANY RATE. Seriously, I really enjoy oatmeal not only as a nice breakfast but for my face as well. I think that started when I first tried to use pure oatmeal for cleansing my face (which is super amazing trust me, but can leave your bathroom pretty chaotic, which is why I not longer use it on a daily basis). I was really surprised how smooth and pretty my face feels and looks after cleansing it with oatmeal but the effort was just too high, so I searched desperately for skincare products that would have oats as an ingredient in them at least. So I was super happy when I discovered this at my local Lush store and bought it right away. 
Ok, enough history stuff, now let's get into the categories!

This mask comes in a black pot made from recycled plastic. It has the name, description and ingredients of the mask on it, as well as an application note and the indication to store it in the fridge, because it's made from fresh ingredients. 
It even says that if you return 5 clean lush pots to the shop, you'll get a free face mask! :)

Features / Ingredients:
Oatifix contains a bunch of natural ingredients like bananas, illipe butter and vanilla to calm down redness or irritation on your skin and kaolin to cleanse your face. 
However the ingredient I enjoy the most, besides the oats, are the ground almonds because they give your skin a very smooth and pleasant scrub, which leaves your face super soft and healthy-looking.

Texture / Scent:
The mask has a kind of mushy (?) texture, just like soaked oatmeal. It is quite thick and has a lot of almond-scraps in it. It goes on like a rich paste and you're supposed to use a 'generous layer' on your face which makes it even more heavy. But I don't think that's a downside, because it feels super rich and nourishing on your skin. 
The Scent is amazing! It smells very sweet and nutty with a hint of vanilla. 

The application note on the mask claims to use, like I said, a 'generous layer' and leave it for about 5-10 minutes on your face. Afterwards you should rinse the mask off with warm water. 
I personally leave the mask on for a longer time because I like the use it as a very rich and deep mask and as long as it isn't irritating my skin or start to feel tight after a while I leave it on. However, the longer you leave the mask on, the harder it is to wash it off because it can turn quite sticky on your face. But with a wet face cloth or something like that it's no problem at all. I usually use the mask once a week.

The Price might be the only downside to this produkt. 6.95$ for 2.1oz (10,45€ for 45ml) is definitely on the more expensive side for face products, especially because it's only durable for a few weeks because of its fresh ingredients.

Final Result:
For me, this is a great mask and it is a stable part of my skincare routine. I love how it gives my skin a very gentle exfoliation and supplies my face simultaneously with moisture. My skin feels super smooth and looks healthy and glowy everytime I use this mask and the smell makes it even more pleasing to use. Moreover, it isn't too heavy for my combination skin, even tough it claims to be optimal for dry skin types and I would totally recommend it for sensitive skin as well because of it's high-quality, natural ingredients. 
All in all, this mask is one of my favorites and i would give it 4,5 out of 5 stars, -0,5 because of the price and its short durability.

So, that was my review about the Lush Oatifix Fresh Face Mask. I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any further questions about it, feel free to ask me in the comments or let me know if you tried the Oatifix Mask as well and what you think about it!

the Bambi ♥

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